PHUTURE in 73 days

Planet X Tattoo & Supply, 3095 S Peoria St Unit C, Aurora, CO 80014, 303-745-0959

bios+a+ic is an electronic sound artist/musician, a producer, an engineer, and a performer who soundtracks the modern world via construction and deconstruction of multi-layered digital and analog textures.... Pirate Party of New Mexico I Hate Peacocks Biomassives supports Drupal , WordPress, & custom API web application services, provides infrastructure management and user interface / user experience (UI/UX) development services. Biomassives hosting uses open source community-centric web applications optimized for efficient performance on cloud based web presences. Biomassives modules and distributions are designed specifically for advocacy, non-profit and non-governmental groups, and which is distributed under the trademark 'Biomassives Open Source Systems' and ''. Oak Root Press offers fine limited editions of poetry, manifestos, stories, and art using vintage printing presses. ...Clothing and image to me is flexible and fluid.  As a hacker, one might say that I fit into the 'geek' category.  Honestly, that's a social hack.  Social engineering requires that one perceives from you what you want them to see... FB Discussion GROUP dedicated to 2600 Magazine and its many topics. ...Politically nonpartisan while supporting common-sense bipartisan political issues such as free speech and personal privacy... Websites Security,Server Security, Exploits, Programming and Technology compendium of cyberpunk source material. The Denver Noise Fest is an experimental music festival organized by Todd Novosad and John Gross. Hosting a number of artists from across the world to play and perform in the city of Denver, Colorado. It's an extreme weekend of noise! Green Light Radio is a collective of free thinkers, DJ's, activists, and some just unique characters all around. We exist to provide an example of sustainable and free communications for our community and other communities that might take notice. Community radio station from Nederland area

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Stevyn IronFeather
Seeking presenters & speakers! Drop us a line, mini presentations and demos welcomed. Please spread this gfx around.
Stevyn IronFeather
Happening October 11th 2014
Stevyn IronFeather
NOTICE: The Maker Faire folks have announced their Denver date; our same weekend, thus we have decided to change our date. We apologize for inconveniences but hope the new date will actually improv...
Stevyn IronFeather
We are creating an massive archive of art, music, audio clips, samples, text files, vids, code, links, photography, poetry, e-books, etc to include on a USB memory stick to be given away at the Phutur...
Stevyn IronFeather
Join us on Facebook and please post on your timeline to spread the word. NEWS: two big announcements: Entry to PHUTURE includes a "Phuture" tattoo on your arm! Also, everyone w...
Stevyn IronFeather
PHUTURE: Hacker + Cyberpunk Conference in Denver Colorado May 3rd, 2014.

Ok it is a go! The IronFeather Journal launched in 1987 inspired by 2600 magazine and networking on mainframes and pre-intern...
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