Space Rogue  :: Involved in L0pht Heavy Industries, Whacked Mac Archives, The Hacker News Network and more!

Hak5   ::  full on TeeVee show and more!

Dissecting The Hack  ::   Hacker social network.  "...Information should be free (but also protected when needed). Sharing information on how to protect data is our goal...."

DGRIF's Blog    "... I tinker with computers. I code sometimes..."  

Snow Plow Radio Show     Live comedy radio / podcast show produced nearly weekly by "Phone Losers of America" folks with gossip, talk, comedy and pranks! Major focus on phone pranks galore!

IOActive security advisories (vulnerabilities), customized utilities (tools), and white papers (publications)

Vulnerability-Lab   The Vulnerability-Lab works very hard in bringing Europe and the world a great amount of information regarding vulnerabilities and urgent security advisories. If you are a vendor, Vulnerability-Labs can be an extremely valuable resource for information in detail about the current state of security for your software.

SCADA Strange Love  Group of security researchers focused on ICS/SCADA security to save Humanity from industrial disaster and to keep Purity Of Essence

Vexatious Tendencies   Blog about security, Wordpress issues, etc

Michal Zalewski   Security tools, books & articles. Robots and more...

Core Security    headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, since its creation in 1996. The research focus is in computer security technologies, mainly attack technologies for workstations, servers and web applications; the detection of security vulnerabilities and technologies that prevent their exploitation.

Security Focus  "...From original news content to detailed technical papers and guest columnists, we’ve strived to be the community’s source for all things security related. SecurityFocus was formed with the idea that community needed a place to come together and share its collected wisdom and knowledge. At SecurityFocus, the community has always been our primary focus. The SecurityFocus website now focuses on a few key areas that are of greatest importance to the security community..."

VSLA Virtual Security Labs Anywhere     um blog de segurança na Internet, que tenta misturar o que foi interessante desde 1989 até os dias de hoje.